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Green Embassy


Green Embassy

As global concern for environmental protection grows, the Embassy of Italy in London has taken steps to reduce its footprint with the “Zero-Waste Embassy” initiative, in collaboration with Novamont and Green Network. The project, launched in April 2018, significantly reduces the environmental impact of the embassy buildings, thanks to eco-friendly energy generation and waste management.

Since the beginning of the project, the embassy’s non-recyclable waste has fallen by approximately 20%. Its unsorted waste now accounts for just 20% of the total, recyclable waste 50% and compostable waste 30%.

The Italian companies Novamont and Green Network, the embassy’s partners in the project, are leaders in innovative industrial approaches that aim to create a sustainable economy.

Thanks to the collaboration with Novamont, the embassy has radically reduced its use of single-use plastic products, replacing them with products made from recyclable bioplastic.

Green Network now supplies the embassy’s gas and electricity, from fully renewable sources. The energy provided by Green Network tops up the supply from the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the embassy building in 2015.

* “Zero waste” is a waste-management strategy that aims to restructure the life cycle of products, using waste as a resource rather than incinerating it or putting it in landfill.


The Embassy of Italy in London is the first foreign mission in the United Kingdom equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity. The system has enabled the Embassy to reduce both costs and CO2 emissions.

The GALA group, which sponsors the photovoltaic system, is one of Italy’s top 10 suppliers of electricity. It also supplies gas, renewable energy and integrated engineering services. GALA, which has always had a focus on energy efficiency, oversaw the installation of the system, in cooperation with Libra Energy, an international installer, using photovoltaic modules produced by the Italian company Solsonica, a clear example of Italian excellence in the sector of renewable energies.

The system is made up of 30 panels, each generating 250W, with a peak power of 7.5 kWp. It is capable of generating energy throughout the day, even in low sunlight.

Since being installed in 2015, the photovoltaic system has enabled the embassy to reduce its annual electricity consumption by almost 20,000 kWh (equivalent to 179 barrels of oil), a reduction of 23%-30%. This has led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 77 tons, equivalent to planting 802 new trees.

The embassy has also introduced a number of other green initiatives, such as recycling technological equipment, using eco-friendly paper for printing and photocopying, and installing energy-efficient lighting.