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Welcome Message


Welcome Message

A very warm welcome to the official website of the Italian Embassy to the U.K..

Here, I hope you can find everything you need at your fingertips. All the information regarding the structure of the Embassy, its various functions, its dedicated staff and the services offered is just one click away.

We are wholeheartedly committed to continue fostering thriving bilateral relations between Italy and the U.K. and protecting and promoting your interests as an Italian citizen living or temporarily residing in Great Britain or as an Italian company operating in this market. We hope this website provides useful links that can help resolve your specific query.

We also publicise numerous events promoting Italian entrepreneurship, culture and language to guarantee that, whenever you are in London or in the U.K., you can always carry a piece of Italy with you.

As the Brexit negotiations enter their most crucial phase, we are continuing to update our dedicated “Brexit Page” where you will find documents and news on the negotiations, as well as a dedicated FAQ section.

You can easily follow us also on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Instagram where you will find constant updates on everything we do.

An unparalleled savoir-faire in the culinary world, an unfaltering devoutness towards the fine arts and a relentless sense of entrepreneurship have distinguished Italy not only in the U.K., but across the world.

Italy is a country of innovation, in its traditional areas of strength, but also in others that are less expected. For example, Italy has launched the National Enterprise 4.0 Plan for economic innovation, which focuses in Digital Innovation Hubs aiming to bridge the gap between the worlds of business, university research and finance. Italy also excels in that intersection between design and industrial production as was evident in an exhibition dedicated to Ferrari, at the London Design Museum.

We sincerely hope that, by following us on our website and on our social media, you will become an active part of our vibrant community and help us keep the Italian spirit and way of life alive and ripe here in London and elsewhere in the U.K.


Grazie mille!
Raffaele Trombetta,
Italian Ambassador to the U.K.