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The Embassy of Italy in London runs an active public diplomacy programme, holding events covering the economic, financial, cultural, academic, technological and social sectors. This programme has proven to be extremely effective as an instrument of soft power, helping guide the priorities of the international political agenda and promoting Italy’s interests through the country’s values, culture and excellence.

A number of the events are co-organised with British organisations and UK-based Italian organisations. Events are hosted both at the embassy and at external venues.

The events provide occasions to promote Italian excellence in sectors ranging from economics to technology, from culture to tourism, from academia to entrepreneurship, as well as creating a channel for dialogue and interaction with British and international actors in London and around the UK.

Since 2013 the embassy has held over 90 events, attended by over 7000 people. Over 70 of these events, attended by over 5000 people, have been hosted at the embassy itself.

These public-diplomacy events provide a platform for showcasing Italian excellence and keeping abreast of the new trends that emerge in a wide range of sectors in the global hub of London. In doing so, they enhance the embassy’s diplomatic activity, its relations with other institutions, and its dialogue with UK-based bodies.


The results of this intense activity can be found on the website and in this section of the website, where some of the initiatives that are characteristic of this venue, such as the Italy4Innovation series, for the promotion of Italy's innovation and collaboration between the actors of the new technologies of the two countries, are explored in greater depth, the A2B series (from Art to Business) to highlight how culture can drive economic activity, the Venice Seminar dedicated to interaction with the British press, but also the local declinations of promotional initiatives such as Italian Cuisine Week and Italian Design Day.

An important leitmotif of the Embassy's economic diplomacy initiatives is the attraction of investments towards our country.