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Italian Cuisine Week in the World


Italian Cuisine Week in the World




A series of events marking the first ever International Week of Italian Cuisine was held from 21 to 27 November 2016. The initiative was coordinated by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Italian cuisine abroad and support the Italian agricultural industry.

The many gastronomic traditions of Italy are among the most fundamental aspects of Italian identity. The evolution of food production and processing has, over the centuries, constituted a necessary response to the most fundamental of human needs, but more than that, it has come to define the Italian culture and transform the physical landscape, testifying to some of the most distinctive characteristics of Italian society. It is no coincidence that the 2015 Universal Exposition in Milan was dedicated to food and the challenges of feeding the world population over the coming century.

Following up on the themes developed at Expo Milan 2015, the Italian government launched the first International Week of Italian Cuisine.

The initiative ran simultaneously in 105 countries from 21 to 27 November. Over 1300 events were held, promoting Italian culinary tradition as one of the defining aspects of Italian excellence, in the sense not only of savoir faire but also of savoir vivire. The common thread running through all these events was Italian gastronomy, centring on authentic traditions and high-quality products, but space was also made for other sectors widely associated with Italy, such as art, music, science, business, cinema and design. Events included conferences, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, themed dinners, tasting sessions, and masterclasses with sought-after Italian chefs, among much else.