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Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola in London



Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola in London

Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola was in London yesterday, for a series of meetings coordinated by Ambassador Trombetta with the Italian business community and Italian nationals based in the UK, during which discussions were led on possible consequences of Brexit.

Minister Amendola held talks with the business representatives who voiced their points of view on the uncertainties regarding the possible future customs framework and the limitations on the movement of workers. Vincenzo Amendola pointed out in this respect that Italy has adopted legislation that envisions both the scenario of a withdrawal agreement as well as a no deal exit of the UK from the EU.

At a meeting with the Italian community, Minister Amendola encouraged that Italians apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in order to be able to continue residing in the United Kingdom after it leaves the EU.

Amendola also confirmed to the Italian audience that he obtained reassurances from the Home Office’s Minister of State for Security Brandon Lewis, whom he met had met earlier, concerning the British government’s attention to safeguarding the rights of Italian citizens who reside in the UK and the carrying out of procedures and the deadlines of the Settlement Status Scheme.

The Minister closed his day with an interview on BBC 2’s Newsnight programme.

 - BBC Newsnight interview