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Italy’s Armed Forces Day and National Unity Day



Italy’s Armed Forces Day and National Unity Day

The Embassy of Italy in London yesterday celebrated hundredth Italy’s Armed Forces Day and National Unity Day. The event was an opportunity to celebrate the close links between Italy and the UK, whose armed forces share a commitment to stability and international order.

The event, presented by Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta, was attended by the Consul General Marco Villani; the military attaché for defence, Brigadier General Enrico Pederzolli; Rear Admiral Francesco Milazzo and numerous other Italian and British civil and military authorities.

On 4 November 1918, after almost three and a half years of fighting, the entry of victorious Italian troops into Trento and Trieste heralded the end of the Great War.

Italy’s National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day are an important occasion celebrating cohesion, unity and identity. In the UK the annual celebrations testify to the respect, collaboration and friendship between the two countries, in the month in which the UK also marks Remembrance Day to commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of its fallen.

The men and women of the Italian armed forces were and continue to be architects and guarantors of national unity, operating primarily within coalitions falling under the auspices of international organisations, notably the UN, NATO and the EU.

The work of the forces is invaluable to Italy’s economic growth and technological development, but even more importantly, they raise awareness of the importance to Italy of taking on roles and responsibilities in the international arena in ways that are coherent with the interests and image of the country abroad.

The achievements of the armed forces at international level contribute to Italy’s stability and socioeconomic development, which are essential for bringing hope to difficult areas. In the domestic arena, they ensure the security on land, at sea and in the air but also provide a defence against new cybernetic threats and intervene during natural disasters and other emergencies.