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Science for Society - Leonardo's Machines



Science for Society - Leonardo's Machines

The scientific office of the Italian Embassy in London, in collaboration with AISUK, presents the second event of the series Science for Society: Leonardo da Vinci's machines and their rediscovery in the modern era: the birth of the myth. 

For the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death 27 November 2019 - 18:30 - Istituto Italiano di Cultura, London

As part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, tomorrow 27 November the scientific office of the Italian Embassy in London will organise the second seminar of the Science for Society cycle at the Italian Cultural Institute.

The event focuses on the artist's drawings and is organized in collaboration with AISUK. Speakers will be Professor Andrea Bernardoni of the Museo di Storia della Scienza Galileo in Florence and Professor Matthew Landrus of the Faculty of History of Oxford University.

Leonardo has left more than 6000 pages of notes and drafts, most of them dedicated to science or technology. His works, which remained unknown until the 19th century, became a cultural phenomenon during the following century.

"Leonardo da Vinci's machines and their rediscovery in the modern era: the birth of the myth" will retrace the historical stages of the discovery of the drawings of Leonardo's machines and their popularity. Leonardo's technical studies became a cultural phenomenon especially in the 20th century, after their first facsimile reproduction. The first exhibition in 1939 hosted numerous reconstructions of his machine designs. In the same year another exhibition dedicated to the history of science was held in Florence, for which some mechanical flying devices were built. After 1939 the myth of the artist was nourished and amplified by itinerant commercial exhibitions all over the world that contributed to spread the idea of Leonardo as a forerunner of modern science and technology.

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