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Information on Italian Nationals returning to italy



Information on Italian Nationals returning to italy

The following changes have been made to the rules on travel to and from Italy:

- From 18 May to 2 June: travel will be permitted only for reasons of work, health or emergencies, but quarantine will no longer be required in a number of cases, including:

o Those visiting Italy briefly for work, health or emergency purposes;

o Those leaving Italy briefly for work purposes;

o EU citizens and residents entering Italy for work purposes, with no time limit;

o Students commuting across the border for their studies;

o Diplomats and civil servants posted abroad;

o Staff of transport companies, whether headquartered in Italy or abroad, who have to travel as part of their job;

o San Marino will be treated as if it were part of the Marche and Emilia Romagna regions and will thus be exempt from quarantine and travel restrictions.

- From 3 June:
o There will be free movement to and from EU states, Schengen states, the UK and European microstates, with no quarantine or travel restrictions;

o In the case of travel to and from any other states and territories, travellers will continue to be required to provide justification of travel, and quarantine will remain in force until at least 15 June.

The above measures are set down by Legislative Decree no. 33 of 16 May 2020 (in Italian).