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Dantedì 25 March 2021: poetry, pictures and music



Dantedì 25 March 2021: poetry, pictures and music

March 25th is Dante Day (Dantedì).

The Embassy's event to mark the recurrence was streamed and is available for viewing on YouTube.


Greta Scacchi and Luigi Di Fiore's renditions of Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise.

Musicians from Accademia Teatro alla Scala di Milano will accompany the readings.

Rare books of University College London Special Collections will provide a visual interpretation of the poetry.

Presented by Zeinab Badawi




Franz Joseph Haydn, the seven last words of Christ on the Cross, Hob:XX:2 – The Earthquake


A) Inferno, canto 3, vv 1-96


Ludwig van Beethoven, string quartet n. 6 in si bemolle maggiore, op. 18 – Adagio “La Malinconia”


1. Dante, La commedia

(Venice: Windelin of Speyer, 1477)

2. Dante, Dante’s Inferno

Translated into English by the Reverend Henry Francis Cary

Illustrated by Gustave Doré

(London: Cassell, [no date – late 1800s])


B) Purgatory, canto 16, vv 55-84; 103-129


Giacomo Puccini, Crisantemi, Elegia for string quartet SC 65


1. Dante, La commedia

(Venice: Pietro di Piasi, 1491)

First fully illustrated edition of the Divina Commedia to appear in print.

2. Ein Dantekranz aus hundert Blättern

Translated in German by Paul Pochhammer

Illustrated by Franz Stassen

(Berlin: Grote, 1906)


C) Paradise, canto 21, versi 1-69


Ludwig van Beethoven, string quartet n 16 in fa maggiore op. 135 - Lento assai, cantante e tranquillo


1. Dante, La comedia

(Venice: Marcolini, 1544)

With first new commentary by Vellutello

2. John Flaxman, Compositions from the divine poem of Dante Alighieri

(London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1807)


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