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Covid-19 mitigation


Covid-19 mitigation

19 May - 6pm

Science for Society: strategies for mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic: expert views


A new Science for Society event was held on Tuesday 19 May 2020 under the umbrella of #ItalyRestArt, the embassy’s programme of online cultural, scientific and artistic events.

The webinar, held in Italian, was entitled “Covid-19: efficacy of the mitigation of the pandemic and future scenarios”. The speakers were Dr Ranieri Guerra, assistant director general of strategic initiatives at the WHO in Geneva, and Professor Silvio Brusaferro, head of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita (National Health Institute) in Rome. The discussion was moderated by Dr Luisa Tondelli, the embassy’s scientific attaché, and Dr Kito Fusai, the head of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain.

After an overview of the current situation, the speakers discussed the strategies that have been adopted at national and international level to deal with the pandemic and looked at ways of mitigating it in the future. They particularly highlighted the key role that scientific and technological research and international cooperation have played in this unprecedented situation.