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Stories of suspended animation - Italian Cultural Institute London


Stories of suspended animation - Italian Cultural Institute London

From 4 June - weekly series

coordinated by the Italian Cultural Institute in London

2020 will be recorded in the history books as the year of the great pandemic and lockdown. We went from dreaming of space travel to fear of leaving our homes. It is now time to start reflecting on the influence that this period of suspended animation will have on our fears, on the present and on the future.

This series of webinars will seek to intercept some of the issues and take a snapshot of essential fragments of this historic period. How did democracies react to this state of emergency? How did the political class respond? What are the limits of liberty? What awareness – scientific and otherwise – did the population gain? What were the roles of propaganda, nationalism and communication? How did work, writing, culture and art change? Our online events will be a chance to observe both major issues and particles of day-to-day existence and to consider the world that we have left behind, what we are living through now and the new society that we could build.

The webinars will be held on a weekly basis, at 17:30 GMT. The series is organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, in collaboration with Andrea Mammone, a historian at Royal Holloway, University of London, who writes a blog for Huffington Post and contributes to a number of international news outlets. He will be in conversation with:

Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University): 4 June - Politics and Coronavirus

Igiaba Scego (author): 11 June - Covid, inequality and colour

Giuseppe Veltri (University of Trento): 18 June - Media

Andrea Pisauro (University of Oxford) and Elena Remigi (Limbo Project): 25 June - Solidarity among European citizens?

Gabriele Paleari in conversation with Marco Varvello, RAI UK correspondent: 29 June - Book launch of Alterita', by Paleari. Video of the conversation on the Italian Cultural Institute in London’s Vimeo channel (in Italian).

Luiza Bialasiewicz (University of Amsterdam): 2 July Coronavirus, geopolitics, xenophobia and exploitation

Eugenio Barone (La Sapienza University, Rome) and Mirella Orsi (writer on science subjects aimed at non-specialists): 9 July - Coronavirus, stories and popularisation

Giorgio Scicolone (University of Palermo): Democracy and coronavirus (date to be confirmed)


For further information and to follow these webinars, please see the website of the Italian Cultural Institute London