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Poltical Relations


Poltical Relations

The UK and Italy share the values of promotion of peace, defence of international security and protection of human rights. These values underpin the actions of both countries in the major international organisations of which they are members, notably including the UN, the EU and NATO.

The frequency and intensity of meetings held between the two countries’ respective heads of state and government, ministers, parliamentary delegations and high-ranking officials are testament to the solidity of British-Italian relations.

These regular dialogues and shared positions on major international issues translate into closely aligned foreign policies, focusing on promoting democracy; working towards sustainable economic development; protecting human rights (including fighting against the death penalty and the use of sexual violence in armed conflict and defending freedom of expression and religion); promoting stability in the extended Mediterranean; consolidating transatlantic relations; and safeguarding the environment. Italy and the UK participate in numerous peacekeeping and anti-terrorism missions around the world and are active contributors to the international coalition against the Islamic State.

Some of the most recent British-Italian joint initiatives include the signing of a declaration of intent between the two Ministries of Defence in July 2018, to further strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries in the military field; a declaration of intent between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in March 2019, to launch a strategic dialogue on issues of mutual interest; and the success of the countries’ joint candidacy as host countries for COP26, a major environmental-diplomacy initiative, as part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.