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Triple I


Triple I

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Triple I is a series of conversations with Italian business leaders at the forefront

Italy: the eighth largest world economy, the second largest European exporter, one of the developed countries that in the globalisation of trades still upholds a large percentage of the world’s market share.

Italian companies are among the most competitive in the world, with 235 products out of 5.117 in which Italy holds the global leadership with trade surpluses.

Successful Italian entrepreneurs are the protagonists of these achievements and arguably the best heralds of the Italian resilience in times of crisis. They are very well positioned not only to evaluate the country’s economic potential, but also to assess the perspectives of global competition and economic innovation in their respective sectors.

To present their stories and get their insights, the Italian Embassy in London is organising TRIPLE I - Italian Imaginative Innovators. Conversations with Italian business leaders at the forefront, a series of individual conversations between prominent Italian entrepreneurs and authoritative business columnists.

This initiative is meant to present a dynamic productive system made up of public and private companies, able to compete in the global market and keen to innovate.

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