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Printing R-Evolution exhibition at the Correr Museum in Venice presented at a press conference in London



Printing R-Evolution exhibition at the Correr Museum in Venice presented at a press conference in London

Printing R-evolution 1450-1500, Fifty years that changed Europe”, an exhibition taking place 1 September 2018 – 7 January 2019, at Correr Museum in Venice, was presented this morning during a press conference hosted by the Foreign Press Association in London, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy to the United Kingdom.

The exhibition will explore the impact of the printing revolution on the economic and social development of early modern Europe, and is the crowning achievement following years of a vast and innovative research, “15cBOOKTRADE Project”, which is spearheaded by Lincoln College Oxford’s Dr Cristina Dondi and receives funds from the European Research Council. The aim of the project, which has involved the efforts of 15 scholars, supported by an international network of nearly 360 libraries and 120 academics - is to trace the flowering of knowledge, ideas and trade in the first 50 years of Europe’s printed revolution, by tracking the dissemination and change of ownership of the estimated half a million books which survived from the first fifty years following Gutenberg’s momentous printing invention.

Today’s presentation of the exhibition was preceded by the launch of a short promotional film explaining the project and previewing elements of the exhibition at the Correr Museum. Jon Snow, Senior Anchor, Channel 4, provided the voice-over of the video and took part in a discussion panel which also included the aforementioned Cristina Dondi, Deborah Bonetti, Foreign Press Association director, who moderated the talk and Federico Bianchi, Head of Press and Cultural Affairs at the Italian Embassy.

The exhibition aims to dispel myths commonly associated with the history of the printing press in its early years and will aim to make the significant scholarly discoveries accessible to the public through digital tools and an innovative communication system.



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