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Alfano: “Satisfaction at the transfer of more than 1 billion euros ascribable to the Riva family to the Fondo Unico di Giustizia”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Angelino Alfano, expressed great satisfaction after learning the news of the authorisation granted by the Royal Court of Jersey to transfer 1.3 billion euros from a Trust Fund ascribable to the Riva family to the Fondo Unico di Giustizia (Single Justice Fund).

It is a considerable amount of money arising from the activities connected to the former management of the ILVA steel mills of Taranto by the Riva family that will now be paid back to the State, as decided by the present management of ILVA.

“The positive solution of this case – said Mr Alfano – confirms how Italy’s diplomacy is focused on the real problems of Italians and is decisive in producing significant economic benefits for our Country.”

Following instructions by Minister Alfano, the Italian Embassy in London, in cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Milan, promoted an intense diplomatic activity with the Channel Island Authorities aimed at identifying the funds and transferring them back to Italy.

Minister Alfano congratulated Ambassador Terracciano who, assisted by the officers of the Guardia di Finanza on duty at the Embassy, met with the senior officials of the Jersey Administrations in order to solve the case, keeping in close contact with them until the decision was taken to authorise the transfer of the funds to Italy.

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