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Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta in Milan for the presentation of the book PhotoAnsa 2019

Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta was in Milan yesterday to attend the presentation of the book PhotoAnsa 2019. The event was also attended by Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan; Attilio Fontana, the governor of Lombardy; Stefano De Alessandri, the CEO of ANSA; Giulio Anselmi, the chairman of ANSA, and some of the people featured in the photos in the book, including Valentina Giacinti, an attacker for the Italian women’s football team. The book depicts highlights and important moments of this year, focusing in particular on environmental issues.

The director of ANSA, Luigi Contu, said: “What we do with photo books is what ANSA does every day, seeking to provide news, explain the context and show important photos”. Over the course of a year over 800,000 photos were published by ANSA, 70,000 of them from Italy.

The Ambassador gave a speech in which he spoke about Brexit and the uncertainty that it has generated. He explained that once the elections have been held next week, the situation will be clearer but that at the moment there is still a lot of uncertainty and concern. He noted that Italy was a leader in the negotiations on the rights of European citizens and that it will continue to follow the issue closely and ensure that any agreements are implemented. He said that the priority was to protect the rights of Italians living in the UK and to maintain a trade surplus.

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