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The Italian Minister of Justice Orlando meets Lord Chancellor Gove and presents Italian civil Justice reforms

Fast track process for foreign investors and the enhancement of civil justice areas specialised in business matters are part of the recipe for economic recovery.

Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando
was in London today and met with his British counterpart the Lord Chancellor Michael Gove. Minister Orlando also presented the reform of the Italian civil Justice system to an audience of bankers, specialised legal representatives and investors at the Law Society.

The Justice Minister’s London mission was part of a series of visits and initiatives, organised by the Italian Embassy in London, which have showcased the Italian government’s reforms aiming to foster economic growth and attract foreign investors. These include the visits in recent months by the Minister for Economy and Finance Padoan and the Minister for Economic Development Guidi, who presented reforms on economic policy, and the visit by Raffaele Cantone, Presidente of the Anti-corruption National Authority, who gave a talk in London on plans to fight corruption.

Minister Orlando’s agenda today was, instead, focused on showing the progress recently made in the reform of the Italian civil justice system aiming, among other things, to make Italy a more competitive destination for foreign investment.

The Minister’s London visit began with a talk at the Law Society on Italian Civil Justice reform, during which he briefed the audience not only on interventions being taken in the short term, but also in regards to the planned deeper, systematic reform of the civil law system. During his presentation, the Minister highlighted that specialised business courts and a fast track for foreign investors are solutions for providing quicker turnarounds for the settlement of business litigation. Other lines of intervention which the Minister of Justice pointed out, are: the reduction in the amount of time required to reduce backlog cases, halving the amount of such cases, a complete digitalisation of information and other innovative changes to the judicial system.

Minister Orlando later met with the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove at the Ministry of Justice. They discussed recent developments on matters such as data protection and Justice reforms which are taking place in both Italy and the UK.

The visit concluded with the Minister’s participation in a Round Table at the Italian Embassy on Italian civil justice reform which was attended by the Italian business community based in London.

Powerpoint presentation given by Minister Orlando (Italian Ministry of Justice)

Read more on the website of the Italian Ministry of Justice (in Italian)

Minister Andrea Orlando with the Lord Chancellor Michael Gove
Minister Andrea Orlando during the meeting with the Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove.

Minister Orlando during the talk at the Law Society
Minister Orlando gives his talk on the reform of the Italian Civil Justice System at the Law Society.

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