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Public Notice – Regional Government of Tuscany announces real estate and development opportunities

 villa fabbricotti firenzePicture: Villa Fabbricotti, from

Regional Government of Tuscany launches notice to potential investors and developers regarding part of its real estate assets and of those belonging to Tuscany’s Health Authorities.

The Regional Government of Tuscany intends to launch an informal alliance with subjects who would be interested in the purchase or development of large-scale properties owned by the Region of Tuscany and by the Health Authorities of Tuscany.

In most cases the properties in question are highly regarded and located in highly valued urban contexts that the Regional Government of Tuscany intends to transform into vehicles of economic growth and territorial renewal.

This notice is intended to establish a possible interest to purchase the properties covered by the notice and thus constitutes a simple invitation to express interest in purchasing.

Private or public subjects who wish to express interest in the purchase of the listed properties (or portions thereof) may view them on the Invest in Tuscany site.

Any potential investor wishing to manifest interest can do so by completing an online form on the website of the Regional Government of Tuscany.

For more detailed information and for appropriate contacts at the Regional Government of Tuscany please contact this Embassy.

former hospital luco del mugelloPicture: Villa Fabbricotti, from


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