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“Invest in Italy”: Undersecretary for Economic Development Scalfarotto launches new London Desk to attract foreign investments

scalfarotto in residenza invest in italycut
Undersecretary for Economic Development Ivan Scalfarotto giving his keynote speech in London.

The City, investors and London-based business will now be able to avail themselves of a “Foreign Direct Investment Desk” to attract and coordinate direct foreign investments to Italy. The initiative was born from the cooperation between the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MiSE) , the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (Agenzia ICE) and the Italian Embassy in London – the latter evermore projected, along with the other UK based partners of the Italy national economic system, towards facilitating direct foreign investments with its numerous public diplomacy initiatives.

The Undersecretary for Economic Development, Ivan Scalfarotto, presented today, at the Italian Embassy in London, an important development in the policy for attracting foreign investments to Italy. This approach runs parallel with the strategy of the Embassy of Italy in London of prioritising its action as an increasingly dynamic platform for the promotion of “Made in Italy” and as an accelerator for investments in Italy.

Undersecretary Scalfarotto presented the new Italian Trade Promotion Agency’s Foreign Direct Investment Desk in London to an audience which, among others, included investors and professionals operating in the economic and finance sectors, and aims to attract and foster investment opportunities for the City and British business in Italy. The Ministry for Economic Development and the Undersecretary’s Office will act as direct interfaces for foreign investors who will require assistance in Italy.

The participation of both Italian Trade Promotion Agency President Michele Scannavini as well as Undersecretary Scalfarotto at today’s event, highlights the importance which is placed on the new foreign investment desk, whose aim is to promote the Italian national economic system and increase investments towards Italian markets and identify existing opportunities.

The London Foreign Direct Investment Desk, one of 9 which have opened in some of the most important financial and commercial hubs around the world, will take stock of the main economic players with the most promising investment intentions towards Italy, identifying their business needs and supporting them during the entire life cycle of the investment. The project is born as part of an extraordinary promotion of “Made in Italy”, launched by the Ministry for Economic Development in cooperation with the Italian Foreign Ministry, and aims to attract potential investment flows.

“Italy has turned the corner after a prolonged period of recession and is back on track towards recovery”, commented Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano, today, during his opening remarks. Since he began his mandate in London, the Ambassador has strongly pushed for this Embassy intensifying the promotion Italy’s excellence through all its activities in support of “Made in Italy” and a dynamic approach to attracting foreign investment. He also remarked that the activities for attracting foreign investments to Italy are an integral part of the strategy for the stabilisation of Italy’s recovery process and that some positive signs of its effectiveness have already become tangible as seen in the record number of M&A in 2015 involving Italian companies and the increased attention of investors to Italy.

Including today, this Embassy has held more than 70 public diplomacy events, with numerous partners, including seminars, workshops and roundtables aiming to attract potential investments towards the Italian economy.

Undersecretary Scalfarotto interviewed by Class CNBC (in Italian)

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