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A Night of Italian Renaissance: The Italian Embassy in the UK and the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford celebrate the Timeless Beauty of Italian Renaissance Art

Ambassador Lambertini hosted “A Night of Italian Renaissance” at his Residence in Grosvenor Square, an event organized in collaboration with the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford to celebrate the enduring beauty and profound impact of Italian Renaissance on world culture.

The event offered a unique opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the rich heritage of Italian Renaissance works preserved at the Museum through the narratives of two of the most eminent scholars of the Ashmolean, discovering some of the most exciting projects the Museum is working on.

The evening guided the guests through a rediscovery of Italian Renaissance art, fueled by the passion of Jennifer Sliwka, Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Angelamaria Aceto, a researcher specializing in early modern art history, and the Museum’s Director, Xa Sturgis.

Among the projects presented was one concerning the painting by Beato Angelico depicting the Crucifixion. This extraordinary artwork has been housed in the UK for over two centuries, contributing significantly to the understanding of the Italian Renaissance by the most eminent scholars in the world. The painting is now at risk of being sold to an overseas buyer. Due to its national importance, the UK Government has barred its export until the end of October to give the Ashmolean time to raise the funds necessary to keep this painting in the UK, available for public display and further studies.