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Embassy of Italy hosts CFAB’s tenth anniversary International Child Protection Dinner

cfab 10th international child protection dinner web salvatore mancusoR-L: Dominique Markham, ambassador Terracciano and Mrs Terracciano, Kumari Blakey, Joint Chair of the International Protection Dinner, Sarah Palmer (CFAB Trustee), Carolyn Housman, CFAB CEO. Picture – Salvatore Mancuso.

The Italian Embassy in London hosted the Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) annual International Child Protection Dinner last night, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

The fundraising dinner, hosted by Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano and Mrs Terracciano, took place in the Residence at 4 Grosvenor Square, and was attended by CFAB’s senior management, including CEO Carolyn Housman, Mr Douglas Lewis, International President of International Social Service and Chairman Emeritus and Mrs Kumari Blakey, Joint Chair of the International Protection Dinner of CFAB. Numerous distinguished guests generously contributed to a silent auction which raised a total of £74,000 for children who suffer from abuse and exploitation.

In an increasingly globalised world, growing numbers of children are finding themselves separated from their families across international borders. CFAB, the UK arm of International Social Services (ISS), strives to ensure that children from overseas who are abandoned in the UK are protected and, where possible, reunited with their families. ISS is also present in Italy, where Defence for Children International Italia operates along the same lines.

During his opening remarks, Ambassador Terracciano stated, “At a time when conflicts in the Middle East, an enormous growth in migration and an ever increasing number of refugees have become global problems and Italy in particular has been shouldering a great burden in this context, the work of CFAB is more crucial than ever.”

CFAB CEO Carolyn Housman stated, “while we may feel challenged by current international developments, it’s vitally important that we continue to do our work and provide our services in a spirit of international cooperation and solidarity. And above all, we must put the best interests of children foremost in everything we do. I am grateful to his excellency, the Italian Ambassador, and his wife, for enabling us to raise funds which are vitally needed to deliver our services.”

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