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Europe Day: Message by the European Union Heads of Mission in the United Kingdom


As Ambassadors and High Commissioners of the European Union and its Member States in London, we stand united in our commitment to fostering strong and cooperative relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. Europe Day, celebrated today, reminds us of the importance of collaboration, friendship and shared aspirations in building a more peaceful and prosperous world for all. Sadly, the backdrop of this 9th of May is a world marked by war in Europe and threats to global security. More than ever, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder, in order to navigate these turbulent times and address common challenges.

Power politics dominates international relations again. Dependencies are weaponised, whether in trade, investment, finance, or information. This calls for a paradigm shift in the way we think about European security and our relations with the rest of the world.

The ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine serves as a stark reminder of the importance of unity and solidarity. On the year in which we celebrate 20 years from the 2004 historic EU enlargement, The European Union and the UK together are both committed to a return to peace and stability in Europe, based on upholding international law and supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. By coordinating our efforts, we amplify diplomatic initiatives, and provide vital humanitarian, economic and military assistance.  In the Middle East, the EU and the UK play a crucial role in promoting dialogue and peaceful solutions. Together with the US and the international partners in the region, we support diplomatic outreach and multilateral efforts, while seeking to address the root causes of conflict.

By engaging further in strategic dialogues, exchanging intelligence, and aligning policies, we in the EU and the UK can enhance our collective impact on global affairs. A strong EU-UK partnership will strengthen Europe’s role in promoting peace, prosperity and democracy throughout the world. It will help bring back principled multilateralism, today under serious threat.

This is what our citizens expect from us. The millions of EU nationals living in the United Kingdom and of UK citizens who have made their home within the European Union remind us daily of how deeply our societies are intertwined. They work and enrich the communities where they have chosen to live. It is our duty to support these efforts including through the exercise of their rights. The upcoming elections of the European Parliament acquire special relevance in view of the magnitude of the international challenges we are confronted with. The EU is actively mobilised to make sure its citizens will use their vote.

As Ambassadors of the EU and its Member States in London, we are optimistic about the prospects for EU-UK relations. Agreement on the Windsor Framework in 2023 reinstated trust. It allowed us to continue exploring and exploiting the full potential of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement and of the Withdrawal Agreement, not least with the return of the UK to two major EU programmes: Horizon Europe for research and innovation and Copernicus for earth observation. Our best scientists and tech companies join forces in these programmes, helping Europe to retain its technological power. This is a key asset for our security and prosperity.

We have no doubt that throughout 2024 and in the coming years, the EU and the UK will continue to work to further strengthen their relationship and deepen their collaboration. Together, we can overcome adversity and forge a path towards a more secure, prosperous, and peaceful future for all. Happy Europe Day!
The European Union Ambassadors and High Commissioners to the United Kingdom